About us

Kei Restaurant has been serving authentic Japanese cuisine and genuine hospitality for over three decades in Kuwait and Bahrain.

Located in JW Marriott ground floor, peaceful Zen-like surroundings with exquisite elements. Restaurant features sushi bar, teppanyaki grill counter and a la carte dining. The menu offers time-honored favorites along with a variety of contemporary sushi and modern preparations.

Kei Restaurant had the honor of receiving an award from the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture in 2010 commending the efforts in the contributions of introducing Japanese cuisine and culture. The Awards has encouraged us further to continue with the path in sharing the wonder of authentic Japanese cuisine and its culture with people of the world.

About our chef

Chef Sato has 40 years of culinary experience in Japanese cuisine. He has shared his skills and diverse experience at Kei Japanese Restaurant since 2005. His experiences outside of Japan include Germany, Greece and he has also held the position of executive chef for the Japanese Embassies in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Libya, and Ethiopia.

He leads his cooking team with his rich experiences and extensive knowledge and as a result, creating “soul” of Japanese cuisine.

Yoshio Sato

Executive chef